Authenticity of product directly verifiable from the consumer
We protect businesses by guaranteeing product authenticity and we also provide them with data on who is buying what, where and when.
Everbody wants to protect its goods from counterfeiting.

Everbody wants to
know his customers and their habits.
The Veritas system is designed to perform a very simple yet, crucial task in any market. By assigning an ID to each single product we can trace their consumption in real time.
Track in real time, each single pack, everywhere
Our patented technology
Our system is protected by a patent in accordance to the ISO 12931:2012 (performance criteria for authentication solutions used to combat counterfeiting of material goods). This technology allows us to collect very precise and detectable information about counterfeit goods directly from the customer.
We are gold miners for your business
By tracking every single product directly from the customer we are able to collect all data about when and where your products have been sold. These type of information are crucial for your business and you can monitor them in real time directly from your personal computer or mobile phone.
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